• December 2, 2021
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Reasons of Breast Pain And Treatment

The most common breast pain reason is due to mastitis. The inflammation of the breast tissues can be due to any reason, but mostly it occurs due to bacterial infections, rupture or leaky nipple, hormonal imbalance, or scar tissue from mastectomy. These symptoms can last for a few weeks. It can also have an extended period of recurrence where the pain keeps coming back. Treatment of mastitis is usually with antibiotics, and this helps relieve the pain temporarily, but it does not address the cause of the problem and hence, the problem reoccurs in the long run.

Another most common reason of breast pain is the presence of fibroids or benign tumors in the breast. These tumors are abnormal growths of the cells that form the supportive tissue of the uterus. Women with large fibroids may experience severe pain at the breast area during her menstrual period, as well as in the months following. This is because the fibroids create pressure on the uterine lining causing extreme discomfort. Thus, treatment of fibroids is not applicable to women suffering from breast pain, and it is best advised to have them removed.

Another reason of breast pain is a stress fracture. Stress fractures are caused by sharp and rapid changes in weight or body posture. This can be accompanied by pain in the arm or even in the shoulder. This is a serious condition and treatment should be immediately after diagnosis. Most people make the mistake of thinking this type of fracture will heal itself or by increasing the strength of the bones, but this is not the case and the pain will only increase over time.

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